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Building Automation

With extensive experience in the design of many types of projects, we offer our clients strong support in achieving their electrical design requirements.

Our electrical design department provides professional electrical engineering services for many types of commercial, industrial, institutional and residential facilities such as:

Building Automation
  • Residential buildings,
  • Hotels,
  • Hospitals,
  • Shopping centres, etc.

We offer complete engineering for the facilities:

  • Advising and defining the terms of reference
  • Preparation of preliminary, main and feasibility studies
  • Selection and contracting of equipment
  • Installation and connection of field equipment
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Training of client staff
  • Delivery of as-built documentation

Integrate and control your cooling, heating, lighting, access control and surveillance for your comfort, convenience, and safety. Passion for excellence!

As well, we offer building automation for residential and business buildings (hotels, hospitals, shopping malls etc.). Our experts share tips on how to choose, install and use heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting and other systems to end user best advantage with emphasis on the systems energy efficiency.

Building Automation System; comprised of one or more networked controllers that are managing vital functions in the building:

Building Automation
  • Heating, cooling, ventilation control,
  • Renewable energy sources integration and control,
  • Lighting control,
  • Video Control,
  • Access control and working time registration,
  • Visitor control,
  • Intelligent rooms.

Control and Management Centre; provides centralised monitoring and management for all building functions.

Remote Management; real-time remote access of all building devices through Internet or smartphones, enables you to monitor and control your building(s) from a distance.


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